about absolutelyhats


Mad milliner & hat designer

I studied millinery in Germany with millinery masters Christel Glock and Richard Lang and later took a master class in England, with Stephen Jones and Shirley Hex (who taught both Stephen Jones and Philip Treacy, among many others).

In the past, I’ve have won several design prizes, at the CPD Fashion Expo in Düsseldorf and as a finalist at the “Milliner of the Year” competition in London.

In my studio in NJ, I design and create my hats. All my hats are handmade, from fine materials, with traditional and modern millinery techniques.

Each season, I create new designs, mostly limited editions, a few pret-a-porter-level small series with a theme, and select couture-level pieces (my follies).

Much of what I make is custom work, created for a certain client, to match an outfit or to be the perfect accessory for an event.
In addition to creating hats, I teach millinery classes and give individual hatmaking lessons; I am available for talks.

Please see http://www.absolutelyhats.com for more.


to name few (in alphabetical order):
Jean Barthet, Christel Glock, Shirley Hex, Stephen Jones, Richard Lang, Jeanne Lanvin, Adele List, Marie Mercie, Paulette, Caroline Reboux, Dai Rees, Claude Saint-Cyr, Philip Treacy


feel free to comment on this blog or email me at monika”at”absolutelyhats.com


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