Eye Candy

Just a few photos of my a few of my hats.

Solange_0525_lo-resThis one is a furfelt hat in black, covered in black silk chiffon, with a chiffon “scarf” attached to the brim. The scarf can be draped or wrapped or it can simply flow. Appeared in European magazine. (Elle Serbia?)

This one is from the same shoot, but she’s not wearing the hat!!! Solange_1092_lo-res (2)

It’s a cool cowboy hat with faux zebra fur band and Pucci silk rose. Wish I had a higher resolution photo to put here…

Relapse coverMy hat made the cover of Relapse Magazine this year. I think it was called the art issue. To me this is a stunning example of how the stylist, model & photographer bring a whole new dimension to the piece I’ve imagined and made. The hat is part of my Cornucopiae series; a second piece 121215_Mardel_Relapse_05_0643bmade it into the same issue, alas back-to-front. I always feel a little bit disoriented when my hats are worn in a way very different on how I designed them to be worn.

I love this shoot; mostly because of the colors. Three of my hats made it: A black & white ostrich Hearst Asia 1feather toque (and how cool is that dress!), a wire form hat covered in silver and a black and fuchsia fascinator.HarpersBazaar201305VN Not a fan when the lay-out person cuts off sections of my hats. That has always been a pet peeve of mine.


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