My Print Ad (for the Shakespeare Theatre of NJ playbills)

In principle, I like Guerrilla Marketing, because it’s creative and makes me think outside the box.

My problem is that sometimes, Guerrilla Marketing gets really tacky, and I’m trying to brand my hats as something classy, sophisticated, elegant… you get the point.

My way of applying it has been thinking outside the box on what marketing is.

But as my business grows and changes, so does my marketing. This Fall, I’m trying out a good old print-ad.

The medium isn’t a newspaper or magazine, but instead a theater programme. I chose it for the following reasons:

1) I am a BIG fan of the Shakespeare Theatre of NJ.
2) They’re really really good.
3) They’re local.
4) I believe that the percentage of potential customers in their audience is much greater than in the population at large.

I’ve done the math of when exactly my investment will be “worth it”.

My ad will run for the rest of the season, September 7th  through the rest of the year. The shows are Othello, To Kill A Mockingbird and A Christmas Carol. I have tickets to the shows, so I’m combing business and pleasure. Which brings me back to the Guerilla Entrepreneur.


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