I Want Your Vote

hat for Stephen Jones competitionStephen Jones has come to New York – to Bard, to be exact, and he’s bringing his fabulous exhibit “Hats- an Anthology by Stephen Jones”

Together with Vogue UK and Talenthouse, he’s offering a competition for one hat to be displayed at the exhibit. Other spoils are an internship at Stephen Jones’ and a V&A membership as well as exposure in Vogue.

Please vote for my design. Voting ends on 8/18.

You can do it three ways:

1) text: TH 54YTBN to:  75572

2) tweet or

3) facebook from the talenthouse website:


about my hat:

MATERIALS: The materials I’m using are parisisol in blue and green, horsehair or crin for the trim. Blocking/ cape net & wire for stabilizing as well as petersham ribbon, lining fabric and combs are also used in the construction.

TECHNIQUE: The crown/cap is hand-blocked over a block, then shaped; the tendrils are free-shaped. The straw was sized. Everything is hand-wired & -sewn. The crin is distressed & shaped.

INSPIRATION: A common theme in my design is taking the seemingly ordinary or overlooked and creating an item that makes YOU see the beauty that I see everywhere.
In this piece, my inspiration comes from 2 separate sources: 1) fuzzy caterpillars (http://bugguide.net/node/view/14966/bgimage) and the way they move (http://www.flickr.com/photos/kafeiwu/3808184370/)
2) the way vines climb around themselves. (http://www.flickr.com/photos/58704761@N00/543649553)


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