EM – Emergency Millinery

navy & pinkWhen something happens three times within ten days, does it constitute a trend?

Last month (different days) I had three new customers call me in the morning with the identical following story: “I am a guest at a wedding abroad and I really think I need to wear a hat with my dress/ outfit…. Oh, and I’m leaving for (Monaco, England, Canada) tomorrow. Can you do it?”

Well, I could. Mostly because July/August are between seasons for me; I do work on Fall stuff, but there is no stress yet. And Spring/Summer is basically over: the Derby has come and gone, and all the June Weddings have been celebrated.

Actually, it was fun. All of them were not habitual hat wearers. (Well – they waited until the very last minute to get a hat; no surprise there) And I think they left happy with their new hat.

The deeper question as far as I’m concerned is this:

Has it suddenly become de rigueur to wear hat?


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