Milliners Guild Group Hat Fashion Show:

“Hothouse Flowers of the New Decade”

February 17, 2010; Grace Hotel, NYC.
Here are some of my, Monika Fine Millinery’s, contributions. They were made from furfelt and distressed horsehair; more about the creative process later.
Tulip 1

Tulip 1 (red and yellow) is hand-blocked from furfelt. The veil and trim are made from distressed horsehair in black.

Tulip 2 (blue and red) is hand-blocked from furfelt in a velour finish. The trim is made from distressed dark brown horsehair.

The Poppies are made from furfelt/ velour finish; the material was first stretched and flattened, then pleated and finally blocked into shape.

The trim consists of furfelt and, again, horsehair.

Poppy 1
The woman with the dollhat Tophat is myself, after the end of the show when all the designers were asked to come out.
This little cocktail piece was hand-blocked from a black furfelt, then wired, a millinery grosgrain piping sewn on and finally trimmed with satin ribbon, feathers and a rhinestone buckle.
Poppy 2

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